Litecoin is Soaring

Everywhere you go, you see the same headline: Litecoin surges!

Litecoin is doing great.  They had a really great run this past couple of weeks – pushing beyond the $60 barrier.  It continues to push upwards and upwards.

I believe that Litecoin is really going to be the next big coin push.  While Ethereum is bound to keep moving upwards… and while Bitcoin is slated to hit $10,000 a coin in a few years… Litecoin is different.  It’s priced at only $60~ a coin, which gives a far better opportunity.

Imagine jumping on Litecoin now, and in 5 years see it hit $3000 a coin.  Maybe it won’t happen… or maybe it will. China is investing heavily in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.  As they put investment into these coins, the price is skyrocketing.

This is my pick for the current market.  While I’ll still have some Ethereum in my portfolio, I’m going to start focusing more of my funds in the Litecoin market.

What do you think?

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