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Cryptocurrency – Future of Investing

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The rise of Bitcoin over the last year has been phenomenal.  It was only $250 a Bitcoin in 2015 and at the time of this writing, a single Bitcoin is valued at $4,300.  What’s behind the push?

As various reasons have been explored, the most accurate reason is that Bitcoin is becoming the chosen currency of struggling economies.  China, Venezuela are prime examples of nations with struggling currencies that have invested heavily in Bitcoin.

The only reason behind the extreme rising price of the coin is in the demand by nation states.  No other single reason can detail this intensity in the currency.

 The Reason to Jump on Cryptocurrency

If you’ve ever watched the Forex (foreign exchange markets) swing currencies you know the raw power of government agencies putting their might in a market.  As more and more countries with currencies at the margin to the US Dollar, we are seeing an investment opportunity in cryptocurrencies.

While Bitcoin is poised at climbing to $5,000 a coin, we hear the predictions of it hitting $10,000 a coin within three years.  Others are waiting (and believing) it will hit six figures a coin!  While incredible to believe it could hit six figures, these will no doubt it will keep skyrocketing.

While Bitcoin is out of reach for many fresh wallets eager to get into cryptocurrencies there are other opportunities.  Litecoin has been jumping from $30 a coin to now over $60 this past weekend.

There are numerous ways to enter the cryptocurrency markets including:

  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Zcash


While there are very affordable coins on the market (ZCash, Litecoin, etc.), Ethereum has come out as an early contender.  With a better technological foundation than Bitcoin, and a strong push for the currency, this makes Ethereum one of the top contenders.

Ethereum has many advantages over Bitcoin, and seeing how Bitcoin is growing in popularity there will come a time when Bitcoin is just too expensive.  This is why I’m all about the altcoin markets… specifically Ethereum!



What’s a greeter?  It’s a very an artificial citizen that lives within a blockchain.  This enables and handles your contracts.

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of Ethereum, let’s move into your first serious contract. The Frontier is a big open territory and sometimes you might feel lonely, so our first order of business will be to create a little automatic companion to greet you whenever you feel lonely. We’ll call him the “Greeter”.

The Greeter is an intelligent digital entity that lives on the blockchain and is able to have conversations with anyone who interacts with it, based on its input. It might not be a talker, but it’s a great listener.

Check out the Greeter page:


Or check out the FAQ:

Homestead Docs

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